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Duke Ellington
1899 - 1974

Duke Ellington. [Online Image]  Available http://www.dukeellington.com/elld006.html, June 15, 2001.

Two of Ellington's most popular works include It Don't Mean A Thing and Take the 'A' Train.

Duke Ellington is considered by many people to be the most important composer in the history of jazz.   This composer, band leader and pianist got his musical start in New York City at the famed Cotton Club in Harlem.  His big band performed many of his compositions.  They toured throughout Europe and the United States and played frequently at Carnagie Hall.  They made dozens of recordings.  Ellington's brilliance as a composer, performer and band leader gave jazz a new respectability.

"If I hear a sigh of pleasure from the dance floor, it becomes part of our music."
                                                                 --Duke Ellington

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