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 Royal Air Force Music Services                           The United States Military Academy Band

United States Air Force Band                                                      Brazilian Naval Brigade Band

United States Marine Band "The President's Own"                     Royal Marine Band Service

 South Africa Irish Reg. Pipes & Drums                            Band of the Royal Corps of Signals

Band of the Parachute Regiment                                                      Band of the Light Division

Band of the Army Air Corps                                                                Waterloo Band & Bugles

Den Kongelige Livgardes Musikkorps             United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"

United States Navy Band                                          The Central Band of the Canadian Forces

Musique de la Gendarmerie Mobile                                      Banda Centrale Marina Militare

Banda L'Arma dei Carabinieri                                               Banda Dell'Arma dei Carabinieri

Banda Della Guaradia di Finanza                                Banda Musicale Della Polizia di Stato

Singapore Military Armed Forces Band                                             US Army Bands On Line

US Air Force Bands On Line                                 Japanese  Ground Defense Force 1st Band

Minden Band of The Queen's Division                                    Russian Frontier Guard Band

Welsh Guards                                                                                                            Irish Guards

Belarusian Central Police Band                                                                               Gretry Band

Tattoos & Concerts

Royal Military Tattoo 2000                                                   London International Tattoo 2000 

The Scottish Tattoo                                                                                             Edinburgh Tattoo

Nova Scotia International Tattoo                                                                 Hamina Tattoo 2000

Hamilton International Tattoo                                                 Quebec Military Music Festival

Virginia International Tattoo                                                     The Grand South Africa Tattoo

Other Links of Interest

Corps of Drums Society                                                                   U.S. Marine Corps Heritage

Corps of Drums Northern Ireland                     Military Band & Military Music Worldwide

AMOS AG Records                                                                                        Bandleader Records

Discurio                                           World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles

Brazilian Pipe Band                                                                        Save the Royal Tournament

Pyper UK                                                                                             Heritage of Military Music

Droit Music Ltd                                                                                                                Tradition

Cinque Port Music


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