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String Family

Cello:  You have to site down and hold this instrument between your knees to play this mellow instrument.  It has a rich sound and can play a wide range of notes.  Like the other members of its family, it has four strings. 



Harp:  This is the instrument of the angels.  It has 47 strings and seven pedals.  It is played by plucking the strings with the fingers of both hands.  These instruments are found in almost every size and in every culture on the planet.  Harps have been around for thousands of years.     




String bass:  This instrument stands over six feet tall and is the lowest sounding instrument in the string family.  It is a popular instrument for many different styles of music, including symphonic, jazz, bluegrass, and rock.  The string bass is similar in pitch to a bass guitar.   




Viola:  This instrument looks like the twin brother of the violin, but it's a bit bigger with a slightly lower sound.  You probably could not tell the difference between the violin and viola unless you put them side by side.   


Violin:  This is the most popular instrument in the string family.  It has a high, brilliant sound.  It is the smallest instrument in the string family.  There are more violins in a symphony orchestra than any other instrument. 



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