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Keyboard Family

:  This has a beautiful, sparkling sound.  Most people recognize the sound, but usually don't know that they're hearing a celestaTchaikovsky used this instrument in his ballet, The Nutcracker.  


Harpsichord:  This keyboard instrument was very popular during the Baroque period.  It came before the piano.  Its strings are plucked.  It looks like a piano, but sounds very different from a piano.  



Organ:  This keyboard instrument is almost always found in churches.  It is also found in grand concert halls.  A long time ago air had to be pumped into the bellows to produce sound.  Today electricity does the job.  Some organs can have two, three, or four keyboards.  The lowest notes are played by having the feet push down on peddles.  An organ today can cost over a million dollars!  


Piano:  This instrument is over 300 years old.  It is the most popular of all the keyboard instruments.  Lots of music has been written for it.  It also comes in different sizes from small to grand.  Hammers strike the strings to make it sound.      


Synthesizer:  This is a computer that makes music.  It is the newest of all keyboard instruments.  It first Moog appeared in the 1950's.  With its keyboard and switches, it can sound like any instrument you choose.  It can even make up sounds that haven't ever been heard before!


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