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Rondo Form

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Click on a shape to hear a section.

Essential Vocabulary:

Repetition A section of music that repeats.  In Rondo form the A section repeats. 
Contrast A section of music that sounds different from another section.  The B and C sections sound different from the A section.

Rondo Form repeats musical sections, with contrasting sections in between.  It's like a triple decker sandwich, with bread on the top, middle and bottom, and lots of yummy stuff in between.

Mozart wrote a great piece of music that uses Rondo Form.  It's called Romance.   Let's examine it a little closer:


rondo.3.gif (1085 bytes)

Listen to the beginning of this piece by clicking the letter in the yellow square.  This is the A section.   It's slow and lyrical.  This theme is like the top piece of bread in our triple decker sandwich.


wpeB.gif (1176 bytes)

The next theme is the B section.  It's a bit faster than the A section.  Click the letter in the blue circle to hear it.  This is like the yummy stuff between the bread.



wpe10.gif (1085 bytes)

Do you recognize this section?  It a repeat of the A section.  This is the second time we've heard it.  If this were our sandwich, this would be the piece of bread in the middle. 


wpe11.gif (1209 bytes)

The C section is the fastest part of the piece.  Remember to click the letter in the triangle.   This is more yummy stuff between the bread.



wpe12.gif (1085 bytes)

Here we are again at the A section.  Just like the bottom piece of bread in our triple decker sandwich, this section appears at the end of the piece.


You are now ready to listen to Romance by Mozart.  Try to identify the different sections.   Enjoy!


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