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Covered Wagons and Wagon Trains
Visit Wagons West to learn more about traveling by covered wagon.
To learn more bout how pioneers traveled, click here.

Wagon train.  [Online image]  Available http://tqjunior.thinkquest.org/6400/travel.htm, September 29, 2002.

Covered wagons and wagon trains were popular ways for families to travel westward to seek a better life.  The journey was filled with many dangers and hardships.  Wagon trains would also deliver goods to people in the West.

Sweet Betsy from Pike

Sweet Betsy crossed the country with gold prospectors to get to California's gold fields.  This song represents the confidence the early settlers brought with them to the West.  

The Wells Fargo Wagon

The Wells Fargo route ran from New York City to San Francisco and delivered lots of goods to folks in the West.  

Ferde Grofe wrote a piece of music that paints a picture of nature.  It's called The Grand Canyon Suite.  A suite is a collection of songs.  The movements follow the sun from rising to setting, and are called Sunrise, The Painted Desert, On the Trail, and Sunset, and Cloudburst.  

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