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This very popular style of Country Music developed in Texas and Oklahoma the 1930's and saw enormous popularity in the 40's. The style is a blend of big band, blues, dixieland, and jazz, among others. Musically, it contributed the drums and Hawaiian Steel Guitar to Country Music. It was a Saturday night dance type of music which combined the style of jazz and big band swing with the culture of the Southwest.

Bob Wills, born east of Kosse, Texas in an area known as The Moss Springs Community, is known as the "King of Western Swing". He perfected this style in the late 1930's with his band the "Texas Playboys." Many of his greatest hits were recorded between 1936 and 1943. They include "San Antonio Rose" and "Take Me Back to Tulsa." Find included here a less well-known, but nonetheless typical Wills recording called "Liza, Pull Down the Shade" (132k thumbnail) (738k long version) from 1938.

Included are lyrics of some of Wills' songs: Faded Love, San Antonio Rose, and Take Me Back To Tulsa.

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