The Jarabe
· Of the most traditional song forms from the mariachi genre.
· “Jarabe” in spanish means “syrup” and probably refers to the “mixture” of meters within one jarabe. Typically, a jarabe will go from a 6/8 to others sections with 3/4, 2/4, return to 6/8 and end in another meter.
· Although today the jarabes are instrumental songs only, it is said that the jarabe is a medley of favorite regional sones and canciones of their era. Many jarabes have a town or area in the name, i.e. “Jarabe Tapatío” (“Tapatío” is something or someone from the city of Guadalajara)that identifies which region it is from.
· Traditionally performed with dancers.
· The 6/8 rhythmic pattern is a constant pattern with no contratiempos as in the son jaliscience.



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