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Colors are used as symbols by many cultures. But to understand the meaning of a symbol you have to know that culture! Colors in traffic symbols are easy to understand once you learn them.

Red means stop

Yellow means slow down

Green means go

But color symbols can be confusing to a foreigner. Knowing where to park your car in California means learning color symbols on curbs. In California:

Red curb=no parking
Yellow=loading zone
Green curb=parking for 10 minutes
White curb=parking for 5 minutes during business hours
Blue curb=handicapped parking only

If you think that's hard to remember, think of how hard it would be to learn a new culture's color symbolism!

Carmine in white "I am wearing white to go to an important occasion. Where am I going?"

"I'm a bride going to get married"
"I am going to a funeral"

Look below to see the answer!

Artists have been using colors to symbolize meaning in their art works since they first starting drawing in caves.
Cave painting
Although we can only guess the meaning of such ancient art, some symbols are universal. What do you think the color red symbolizes in this cave painting? Life, blood, or death?

But not all symbols are simple to understand. Usually, you have to learn about where and when the artist lived to understand the symbols!


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